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from a french manufacturer

Plate adaptor for rail, anthracite grey

Arsis Evolution range

Product avantages

Fitted to make the Arsis hinged bar and armrest removable.

Perfect idea for a customised solution.

Upgradeable product !

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made in france
Full description

Plate adaptor, anthracite ABS with anodised aluminium rail and bolts. Designed for anthracite products.

Material  Aluminium
Finish  Anodized
Color  Anthracite grey
Dimensions  110 x 20 x 132 mm
Gross weight0.168 kg
Packaging  Printed Cardboard box
Guarantee  5 years
Custom code 7615200000
Specific featuresDesigned to make an armrest (ref. 047713) or a hinged bar (ref. 048760) removable. Supplied separately. For wall attachment, requires fixing rail ref. 044240, 044250 or 044260 depending on needs.

Please refer to the instructions.

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IMPORTANT: To ensure the sustainability of the product and user safety, we recommend using a solution made of mild soap for cleaning. CAUTION: DO NOT USE cleaning products made of: etones, hydrocarbons, acids, bases, esters and ethers. After use of a cleaning product, make a rinsing in the clear water.

Data sheet
Instruction sheet Download Arsis_Evolution_A04772000_IND_00

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