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Hôtels et salle de bain, quels accessoires pour améliorer le confort et la sécurité ?

12 novembre 2018

Furthermore, the design is also an important criteria for hotel-keepers. How can they make a bathroom that can be both accessible and pleasant for everyone ?

Here are our solutions to improve comfort and safety without compromise on the aestheticism of the room.

The ARSIS line : modular and modern

The ARSIS range developed by PELLET ASC includes lots of bathroom accessories with a modern and refined design : they will completely fit with the style of the room. These items in aluminium are available in different finishings in order to conform to every look : anthracite, white, white / mat chrome-plated or anodized. A timeless style that will suit every hotel wishing to create a contemporary setting. At the beginning of 2019, it will be possible to personalize the bathroom as some new finishings will appear : wooden or marble effect, or patterns such as baroque, graffiti, carbon, mosaic.

Arsis Fantasy Bois


Which solution to choose to arrange the bathroom ?

The Arsis foldable shower seat, in addition to its minimum size, has the advantage of being unclipped from its wall bracket and interchangeable with a shower shelf at any time.  Once installed, the shelf can have several functions : it can be used for setting beauty products or placing the feet when caring them during shower.

Therefore this concept of interchangeability enables a bespoke arrangement of the bathroom with great simplicity and according to users’needs.

The Arsis range also proposes a set of grab bars for maximum safety :

-        straight bars to provide support and to keep balance

-        angled or hinged bars to assist when standing-up and to allow lifting in the toilets

As for the Arsis shower bar, it is convertible into a T or L shape, or any other setting, enabling  hotel-keepers to install itwithout being hampered by the existing fitting.

Moreover, shower stools represent an alternative to shower seats.


And to go further in the layout, here is the ARSIS Evolution solution

Using the same principle as the Arsis line, the accessories of the Arsis Evolution range are removable and interchangeable. With minimum effort, the line makes possible to change a standard bathroom into an accessible and secure bathroom or, to bring more comfort. This is an ideal solution to adapt its hotel establishment at a lower cost and without difficulty.


How does it work ?


From a wall mounted rail, different configurations are possible offering maximum modularity. According to the dimension of the rail (100, 400, 500 or 600 mm), it is possible to set up :

-        1 or 2 hinged armrests, to complete a seat (available alone or in combination with a backrest)

-        1 or 2 hinged bars

-        1 removable grab bar

It is also possible to put a cover on the rail when the accessories are not used. 


The  additional bathroom accessories

Accessories make the difference regarding the interior decoration of a hotel.

To complement the Arsis line, PELLET ASC possesses a wide range of matching sanitary accessories (towel rail, robe hook, toilet paper dispenser…).

Furthermore, as each hotel is different, PELLET ASC proposes some new ranges that offer a different style according to the selected materials, shapes and colors :

Pure Accessories

Style Accessories

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