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Securing bathrooms for your children : 8 simple tricks you can implement

03 avril 2018

Therefore, you’ll find here after some easy tips to guarantee the security and the autonomy or your children in bathrooms : in this way, grooming will be a pleasant and quiet time.

Preventing from slipping

The first thing we have to pay attention to in bathrooms is the omnipresence of water. A wet floor is often the cause for falling : this is why it is important to install non-slip bath mats or slatted floors, particularly in front of washbasins and bathtubs, to get more security. A grab bar with an attractive and non-stigmatizing design will allow children to hang on to secure themselves.

Securing the bath

If you need a baby bathtub during the first months of your child, it is possible, in the following years, to bathe your kid directly in the tub. A bath seat is then a clever way to settle him more comfortably and to secure bathing. Besides, do not forget to place a non-slip bath mat inside the tub: this will prevent your child from falling several times when standing up. Finally, the golden rule is vigilance, above all during the first years of your kids. Leaving a child in the tub without surveillance can indeed turn out to be very dangerous. One must be always present and pay very close attention so as to ensure the security of your child during his bathing.

Preventing the electrical risks

Even if it is compliant, an electrical system can be risky for young children. As a result, make sure that they do not have access to power-supply plugs, and to different electrical appliances that can be in the room (electric shaver, hair-dryer…) For instance, a plug can be placed in a cupboard or a drawer, out of reach of children. Moreover, be especially attentive not to leave those equipments near a water source, such as a washbasin or a bathtub. Finally, unplugging systematically your devices after use must be a reflex. This is a good action for the environment but also for the safety of children!

Taking away the risky objects

We can also find in bathrooms many everyday objects that can be dangerous if children get them in their hands. In this way, sharp objects like scissors and shavers, and all the products which are potentially toxic (cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning products, medicine) have to be placed out of sight of children. Keeping them in a cupboard that is high enough to be out of their reach is the best solution.

Prefering a suitable furniture

Regarding furnitures, some equipments are not adapted to children because of their pointed corners, in particular, that increase injury risks. Some kinds of taps can present the same problem. Prefering bathroom furnitures with rounded edges that are safer and more suitable to family use is then an ideal choice. Some equipments are adjustable and interchangeable in order to conform to family needs. Thus, the evolutive solutions of our range Arsis evolution provide a perfect adaptability so as to change bathrooms, without doing necessary works. Another topic is often neglected: that concerning the height of bathroom furnitures, that can be difficult to reach for children. Setting up your bathroom accessories (soap holders, tumbler holders, towel rails or robe hooks) so that everyone can have access to them is the right way to adopt.

Adapting the shower cabin

If having a spacious bathroom equipped with a bathtub and several useful storage places is an optimal condition, this is far from being the case in every home : parents should often deal with a bathroom that is not very practical and have sometimes only one shower cabin. This installation is not the most appropriate one for small children. Yet, it is possible to remedy it with suitable equipments. Therefore, the setting-up of a shower seat increases security. Furthermore, together with a backrest and armrests, it provides even more comfort to children and more convenience for parents. It is also possible to modify the size of shower equipments for young children. The Arsis shower shelf, which is an evolving and innovative solution, allows an easy and adaptable installation to conform with children use.

Facilitating the autonomy

Finally, when children grow up, they get more autonomy and are able to wash their hands or brush their teeth by themselves. But it is difficult for them to have access to the washbasin, as it is always too high ! This is why, in the absence of suitable furnitures, they can safely reach the washbasin thanks to a step stool. And with a liquid soap dispenser fixed on the wall at their disposal, they will develop good habits regarding the use of soap. And to get themselves prepared as Mum and Dad do, your children can benefit from a shower bench or a shower stool : you will get more security and convenience. To conclude, with suitable equipments and lots of common sense, these simple tricks will make your bathroom a safer place for all the family.

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