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Hôtels et salle de bain, quels accessoires pour améliorer le confort et la sécurité ?

12 novembre 2018

The bathroom plays a key role in making a hotel room comfortable. This is the ideal place for relaxation and wellness. Hotel establishments have fully understood this point : the challenge consists in designing bathrooms which are adapted so as to offer maximum comfort to customers.

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Finding solid and elegant bathroom accessories : it’s possible !

23 mai 2018

All the premises open to the public meet specific obligations regarding the reception of people with reduced mobility. Furthermore, each kind of facility shows particular needs, depending on how they are used and the types of public they welcome : as a result, when some organization give priority to durability of the devices, others will demand a contemporary or sophisticated design.

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Securing bathrooms for your children : 8 simple tricks you can implement

03 avril 2018

Bathrooms can be a risk area for young children. Here are some easy tips to make this place safer. For a small child, the bathroom is an additional place of exploration. But this is also a real danger zone : risk of slipping, presence of electrical appliances and of toxic chemicals …. so many risks that should not be ignored. 

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Seniors’autonomy: reconsidering bathrooms

09 mars 2018

French people  are aging. According to the forecasts of the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research, in 2050, more than one French person in three will be 60 years old or more, against one in five in 2005. We’ll have to face many challenges to adapt to this evolution : issues regarding health and loss of autonomy of this population will be among the first matters.

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Arsis Evolution range on the trade fair Ideobain - Paris

15 novembre 2017

On the trade fair Ideobain in Paris, Pellet ASC presented its Arsis Evolution range...

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Discover our selection

12 juin 2017

This month, we focus on Comfort & Safety... Discover our selection of products for bathroom and toilets.

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21 mars 2017

Our team met many visitors on the ISH trade fair and the Arsis Evolution range received a warm welcome...

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20 février 2017

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