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Sanitary devices : when robustness comes with design

Finding solid and elegant bathroom accessories : it’s possible !

23 mai 2018

All the premises open to the public meet specific obligations regarding the reception of people with reduced mobility. Furthermore, each kind of facility shows particular needs, depending on how they are used and the types of public they welcome : as a result, when some organization give priority to durability of the devices, others will demand a contemporary or sophisticated design.

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Comfort, Safety and Hygiene, by PELLET ASC

With over 60 years’ experience in the provision of technical aids for institutional and home use, PELLET ASC, French Manufacturer of Bathroom Accessories, puts a wealth of expertise at its clients’ disposal. Leading the way in Comfort and Safety in bathroom and toilet amenities, PELLET ASC has one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, allowing it to cater to all needs: people with reduced mobility, the elderly or those who just want greater comfort.

We therefore offer a broad network of professionals more than 700 products spread across 6 quite distinct ranges:

-       Comfort and Safety

-       Institutional Range

-       Bathroom accessories

-       Curtain Rails

-       Economical Range

-       Furniture Equipment


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 Shelf and shower seat : one single wallbracket for 2 removable and interchangeable accessories.

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